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BranchForward Resumes is a Professional Resume Writing Services with certified resume writers. Developing a strong personal brand and communicating your value is a challenge at every career level. BranchForward Resumes helps you identify your most marketable skills. We highlight professional accomplishments and uncover strengths that you might not see in yourself. Recognizing your value — and knowing how to talk about it — is a distinct competitive advantage. At BranchForward Resumes our goal is to assist career seekers by creating high impact resumes and career services that allow individuals to take their careers to the next level.

Our core focus is to provide high-level resume writing and career services that have a measurable impact on your job search. This includes constant changes to stay ahead of ever fluctuating markets, understanding how hiring managers make decisions, and leveraging trending business styles.

What sets BranchForward Resumes apart from other companies?

Our professional resume writers are not only experienced hiring managers and recruiters, but they also have significant experience in communications, design and marketing. This professional combination will set you apart from the crowd and will secure you an interview by providing a unique and modern quality resume.

We’ve sat “on the other side of the desk” and understand what hiring managers and decision makers look for when networking, recruiting, interviewing and hiring. This informs our strategic material creation (LinkedIn profile, resume and/or bio) and guidance, which we tailor to your job search and career goals.

We are a leading provider of LinkedIn optimization services that enable job searchers, businesses and salespeople to increase visibility, sales leads, thought leadership, and brand equity. Since we have helped 5,000+ professionals in 50+ occupations and 30+ states harness the power of a quality resume and the LinkedIn professional network for a job search, personal branding, empowering sales teams and growing their business. We have consulted and presented the value of the LinkedIn professional network to corporate meetings, human resource conferences, sales meetings, trade associations, nonprofits, and other organizations.

No relationship, sponsorship or endorsement by LinkedIn® Corporation.

Our Services

Professional Resume Writing

Our professional resume writing includes modern formatting, expert vocabulary and crystal clear structure. We work closely with our clients to create custom resumes that further advance your career success. Whether you are entry level, mid level, or an executive, we service all backgrounds.  We also implement ATS keywords in your resume so you can beat applicant tracking systems and reach recruiters.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn is becoming a modern channel of applying to jobs with an online resume. Job postings are increasingly shifting into  LinkedIn as a primary employer platform. Therefore, LinkedIn optimization increases your profile score to All-Star level, in order to rank higher in search results for prospective recruiters.

Our experts will create custom content on your page to ensure proper LinkedIn optimization. Creating a resume goes hand in hand with maximizing this process.  In additional to improving content, we will also teach you how to adjust back end settings to inform recruiters and job hunters on your current employment status. For example, if you are actively applying for a full time position within a specific job industry,  we will show you how to make that visible.

Nearly 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool throughout recruitment. The goal of LinkedIn optimization is to display your brand, like a marketing tool. Also, LinkedIn is a verifying tool during job vetting, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst employers. Let us create, redesign, and optimize your page to create you a brand that equips you with the skills on how to get a job through LinkedIn.

Resume Distribution

Our resume distribution service allows you to save time job hunting, and get more out of it. We post your resume to 60+  job boards that hiring managers actually use and expand your resume’s reach to millions of employers and recruiters daily. So you don’t have to, now you can focus on finding your dream job.

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